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We went to a local photographer for my daughter's original portfolio pictures. The pictures were average with no WOW factor. My daughter wanted to go to New York from the start, but I was trying to save some money. WOW!! what a difference when we went to Joyce... there is no comparison. Not to mention that her make up, hair and stylist were awesome! They were professional, experienced and knew how to bring out the best in Candace.

A week later we received the photos. Family and friends could not believe the difference in the quality of the photos. I am so glad we finally went to Joyce. We will definitely be using Joyce again. If you are considering pursuing modeling, I highly recommend that you do your research and use an experience photographer and not the locals that claim to know the business.

Sheila C.
Indian Head, MD

I have been in the acting industry for twenty years. When the time came to get a new set of headshots to reinvigorate my career, I went with Joyce and the results were nothing short of AMAZING. Since first working with her, I have had doors open for me and have received such overwhelming praise for my pictures, it is really astounding. Joyce gets to the heart of the matter and develops a clear understanding of what you want your pictures to convey. She goes beyond that! The final product is always something greater than you thought possible.

I have had shots taken by endless numbers of photographers, some of the most "well known" in the business on both coasts. NOBODY even comes close to Joyce. Right away she makes you feel comfortable and takes the time to understand and listen to exactly what it is you need! Her dedication to the work and professionalism together with her warmth make her a true joy to work with. For me she is an advisor and guide, truly someone who has a passion, a sense of direction, yet at the same time one who is immensely patient, kind, caring and courteous.

Simply put....Joyce is World Class....truly the Best. In this day and age it is rare to find someone with that talent and so easy to work with. Take it from someone who has been in this field for a long time.....if you need shots of any kind......Joyce is your woman. You will be very glad you did.

Daniel M.
Forest Hills, NY